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Bingeout.com is proud to share the following list of shows set for release in July 2015 on Netflix and Amazon. Reality fans need to take special note of July 14 as Netflix is releasing five reality faves on the same day. Also for all the Halle Berry fans Amazon drops Extant Season Two on July 5, as well as the HBO powerhouses Boardwalk Empire and True Blood Season 5 on July 16.


July 1– Velvet: Season 2
July 3– Knights of Sidonia: Season 2
July 4– Hell On Wheels: Season 4, White Collar: Season 6
July 9– Witches of East End: Season 2
July 10- Violenta: Seasons 1-2
July 14– Bad Ink: Season 1
Bible Secrets Revealed: Season 1
Killer Speaks: Season 5
Preacher’s Daughters: Season 2
Storage Wars Texas: Season 1
July 17– Bojack Horseman: Season 2
July 18- Glee: Season 6

Amazon Prime:

July 1– Downtown Abbey: Season 5
July 5– Extant: Season 2
July 16– Boardwalk Empire: Season 3
True Blood: Season 5
July 30- Entourage: All seasons