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Doesn’t it just feel satisfying when you’re on a binger with the first season of a new, jaw-dropping show? It’s easy to plow through the episodes of the new series when you’re clenching a big tub of ice cream or a bowl of popcorn. How much time do you think it takes you to get through the first season? Weeks? Months? Not even close!

Netflix recently released a study researching your binge-watching habits… That’s almost borderline weird. According to the Flix, it only takes you a week to finish that first series. Not as long as you thought, was it? Most people hang out in front of the tube for an average of two hours a day; if you’ve found a show with thirty-minute episodes, that’s four a day and two for one hour-long episodes.

This is causing Netflix to kill off network television. According to the trends, Netflix watchers range from folks who are “Very Fast Bingers” to those who are more casual. Fast bingers typically view shows like Breaking Bad, Sons of Anarchy, or the Walking Dead and will spend two and a half hours a day watching. Casual bingers tend to stick to shows like House of Cards, Mad Men, and West Wing and spend about an hour and 45 minutes.

Then there are the bingers in between. These bingers watch things like Daredevil, Orange is the New Black and Jessica Jones. This group sounds like the group Netflix is aiming to get views from, as most of the Netflix originals are in this category and they are the average viewers; they spend two hours a day viewing and will typically finish a series’ first season in five days.

It’s crazy how much Netflix shows are surging. Netflix viewers are in such abundance that Netflix can place thousands of people into similar categories. Which category do you fit in?

Leo Rydel

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