When one episode is not enough!

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I’m sure William Shatner hosting a documentary show is the last thing you thought you’d see on television but here it is! Weird or What? With William Shatner is truly a guilty pleasure. Shatner hosts each episode which is based on mysteries and strange phenomena from around the world. If you enjoy shows that investigate the weird than this should be at the top of your streaming que.

This show is the perfect example of things that happen with no reasonable explanation. We know for a fact that Egyptians created the pyramids, but why can’t we figure out how they do it? If ghosts aren’t real, than why is it that so many people claim to see them? Is there really no evidence that that there are parallel worlds or are we just not looking close enough?

This show is cheeesy and shouldn’t be taken too seriously. You won’t see any ground breaking nature show material on this show, but you will be shocked by all the weird things going on in the everyday world. The show is campy enough to allow the children to watch it and still keep the adults interested.

Are aliens real? Is Bigfoot really out there? This show will have you believing in things you never thought you’d believe in. Season 2 is currently streaming on Hulu. Don’t miss this indulgence in to the weird.