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With Halloween drawing ever closer, it’s a great time to revisit the genre-bender Saw series! We’re going to walk through movies 1- 7 to prepare you for one of the most gruesome binge watching sessions of all time!

Saw I

Saw I is one is considered by many to be the best movie of the entire series (although Saw II was pretty awesome as well). The low-budget horror film starts off with two strangers waking up in a room with no idea how or why they’re there. The two soon discover they’re trapped in a grotesque game with a scary serial killer. This first installment is both well written and psychologically disturbing. It’s a must see for any horror fan.


Saw II

The second Saw is just as good as the first one. Jigsaw has gotten away and now he’s playing an entirely new and horrifying game! Jigsaw has upped the ante on his torture methods by trapping eight people in a factory and forcing them to play his twisted game. Some of the challenges in this film are so well thought out and so grotesque, you’ll never forget them. If your curious of how crazy things get, all I will say is: imagine crawling across a pit of hypodermic needles!



Many horror fans consider this film to be the last great film of the franchise…and they’re probably right. The franchise would have maintained more integrity if it had ended here but was clearly still a money-maker. In this installment, Jigsaw is dying. He has his apprentice kidnap a doctor to help keep him alive. He also has one poor citizen put through another round of ugly tests. Get ready for a shockingly brutal ending!


Saw IV

This installment was the beginning of the franchise apparently struggling for new ideas, but there was still a lot of fun to be had. This installment goes beyond Jigsaw. Lieutenant Rigg is forced to take part in the new Saw game and find out who’s behind the games despite Jigsaw’s absence.


Saw V

With Jigsaw officially gone, Mark Hoffman is commended as a hero, but an agent is suspicious and delves deep into Hoffman’s past. Hoffman may not be the hero and victim we all thought him to be. There is also the torture of another round of strangers mixed in throughout the story.


Saw VI

The story lines grow pretty thin in the last two movies. So basically, they’re just fun for watching the creative ways people get torn apart. The thin plot line is, agent Strahm is dead and the FBI is now closing in on Hoffman. That’s pretty much all that happens in this film.



By this point, all horror fans were tired of the franchise, but you still wanted to see it through to the end. This installment was filmed for 3D viewing in the theater and sadly that was the best part of it. The rest of the film felt very much like a straight-to-DVD horror movie and the end of such a legendary series deserved a much better send off. Nevertheless, it is worth the watch just to see the series draw to a close.


You can stream Saw I, VII, and VI on Hulu. To complete your binging session you can purchase the entire series of films on Blu-Ray for just $12.99 on Amazon.com.

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