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White flight is another politically incorrect show courtesy of Comedy Central, no doubt about that. What’s different about this comedy, however, is that each episode of the 6-part series is only 5 minutes and boy do they pack a punch! White Flight takes place at the exact time in 2047 where minorities will outnumber white people. Since this is the exact date in real life that minorities will outnumber Caucasians, this makes the show even more hilarious. Apparently, white people have created a way to teleport themselves to Canada so that they don’t have to be surrounded by ethnic people. Naturally, the minorities are ecstatic to be left behind without all of the prejudice that white people often bring to American society. Who’s not happy about the teleportation? The white people who were left behind to be “ambassadors.”

The show follows Dan who’s been left behind to be a white ambassador but has no idea what is going on. He’s trying to figure out the entire teleportation thing for himself while being responsible for answering the questions of all of the ethnic people left behind. The best parts of the show come in when Dan experiences true racism (not the whiny reverse racism cries we hear today). One of the episodes shows Dan going to an audition for a movie role where he is told to act whiter. Considering the big #OscarSoWhite controversy, this episode couldn’t have come at a better time. Dan is treated how countless minority actors are treated every day just trying to get an average role. It’s refreshing to see the person who usually delves out the oppression experience the effects of it for themselves. Although the show approaches the subject of white people’s fear of minorities with humor, it’s biting political satire gets to the scary core of many non-ethnic people’s beliefs.

Since this show is only 5 minutes each, you can easily watch the entire show in just 30 minutes. It’s perfect for sneaking in a quick laugh during a busy weekend. The show can be streamed on even if you don’t have the channel as part of your cable package.