When one episode is not enough!

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Zoo, which premiered on CBS this past summer, is based off of the best-selling novel with the same name written by James Patterson. Violent animal attacks are popping up all over the world and a young scientist thinks he might know why. The animal attacks are deliberate and organized. The animals are sneaky and cunning. With animals all over the world organizing to attack people, there is no way the human race stands a chance if no one can bring these attacks to an end.

A young scientist remembers the warning his father gave to the world about animals rising up against humans. It’s too bad, the other scientist thought he was too crazy to listen to because as it turns out, he was right! The young scientist teams up with several other scientist and an FBI agent to try and get to the bottom of his father’s warnings. Unfortunately, the animals aren’t the only ones with evil intentions. There are humans out there that want to discover the secret to the animal attacks for their own evil reasons.

Season one is comprised of 13 hour long episodes (with commercials their complete air time is about 40 minutes a piece). Each episode includes thrilling adventures and sleuthing. The only weak point that many viewers experienced with the show was the fact that the show often focused more on the human characters than the animal attack which the book placed more emphasis on. Zoo is still must-see TV however, as there has never been a show with such an unusual and exciting premise.

You can stream season one of Zoo on Netflix and on CBS’s streaming service.