When one episode is not enough!

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Zero Watch is a fast paced, docudrama show that traces the final hour leading up to a tragic event that took place in history. During some episodes, such as the Columbine episode, the zero hour is the actual event itself. The episodes are blended with interviews from real people attached to the event and docudrama clips. For the most part, the episodes are very well acted and give you an inside look in to the historical event your watching.

If you’re drawn to some of the darker moments in history then this show will give you hours of entertainment as well as a learning experience. Some of the episodes include The Oklahoma City Bombing, the take down of Saddam Hussein, the final hour of drug lord Pablo Escobar and the last hour of Flight 11. This show is not recommended for anyone who is easily triggered by scenes of violence as this has plenty of it and even the non-violent episodes are still extremely stressful. Zero Hour is also rated TV-MA as it does have language and explicit violence throughout each episode. These are not watered down, family safe docudramas which is not a bad thing considering the topic of the content.

The show currently has a 4 1/2 stars on Netflix so you’re bound to find at least 1 episode out of the 16 that you like. The show is currently streaming on Netflix and has a total of 16 episodes across 3 seasons so, it’s easy to binge watch during a normal weekend. It’s a must see for all history fans!