When one episode is not enough!

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Fans of The Walking Dead who are looking for a more campy approach to the zombie world should check out the cheesy Sy-Fy channel show, Z Nation. Z of course standing for zombie, this show takes a less serious, b-movie approach to the zombie drama. The writing is corny and the acting very overdone, but the show still manages to carry a certain charm. The charm of this show can be found in the fact that it doesn’t take itself too seriously. You can tell the zombie show is a bit of a joke with episode titles such as “puppies and kittens” or “ Home Sweet Zombies.”

From the first episode, this show has developed a cult following with many people claiming it is just as good as The Walking Dead, but with a different style. The sets are pretty cheap and for some reason, everything is shot in gray. The constantly gray cinematography is meant to make the show feel dark and gritty. Whether that works or not depends on the viewer.

If you watch the Sy-Fy channel at all, you know that their shows are not top notch quality. They do, however, ensure that you will be entertained. If you find the thought of zombie babies intriguing (and were sad that The Walking Dead never stooped that low) then you will enjoy this show. Z Nation is bringing in pretty high rating so, don’t be ashamed if this show becomes your new guilty pleasure.

The show has a total of two seasons and both of them are streaming on Netflix right now. Season 1 has 13 episodes and season 2 has 15 episodes that are about 42 minutes each. Season 3 is expected to air sometime later this year.