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If you’re a foodie who loves to watch anything food related, but want to see something different, you have to give Worst Cooks of America a try. Every season, more than a dozen terrible cooks are brought together to battle out their cooking skills (or lack there of) for a total of $25,000 and an entire cooking set from Kohls. The show is shocking because it’s hard to imagine that there are such terrible cooks out there.

The only downside of the show is it can be a little discouraging to see how tough the chefs are on the contestants. Chefs Bobby Flay and Anne Burrell are the judges and “teachers” of people who can’t find their way around a kitchen on their own. This show is hilarious because some of the cooking blunders are so bad. However, the show is also highly inspirational because so many of the contestants come a long way in the journey to become a better cook.

The challenges are different and exciting. While the show doesn’t follow your typical “cooking show” format, you will learn a wealth of information on how to cook different meals. You’ll even get new ideas for your own cooking inspirations. Even though Netflix says there is only 1 season available for streaming,