When one episode is not enough!

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If you grew up in the 90s, then you remember a creepy little show called Twin Peaks. Twin Peaks was the original American Horror Story. Its macabre material was tinged with dark humor, strange visuals, and highly unusual characters. The now infamous director David Lynch directed this very offbeat comedy-drama that is still being talked about to this day! Twin Peaks certainly was ahead of its time. In fact, there is a revival of the show coming to TV in 2017.

FBI Agent Dale Cooper travels to a sleepy small logging town in town named Twin Peaks to solve the murder of a high school beauty queen. Laura Palmer seems like an innocent and ordinary high school student, but it doesn’t take Cooper long to find out that this town is a little…strange. The show’s small-town setting is only the beginning of this show’s strange nature. Sometimes the mix between reality and fantasy is blurred through trippy dream sequences and character hallucinations.

Actors like Kyle Maclachlan and Sherilyn Feen got their start on this unique show. Since the show’s debut, 25 years ago, Twin Peaks has built a huge cult following. To give any more intimate details about this over the top show would allow for a huge spoiler to get through. Twin Peaks is a show that thriller fan will have to experience for themselves. If you’re a true fan of the weird, this series is great to watch at night with no lights on and a bottle of red wine.

Be prepared though, the series finale is a big cliffhanger that was actually never solved. Twin Peaks will definitely hook you right away and leave you wanting more.

Stream season 1 and 2 on Amazon Prime, Hulu or Netflix before the reboot premieres in 2017.