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Yet another show I greatly enjoyed has been canceled this year. Is it me or are there a bunch of great shows being canceled this year? One of TV Land’s first original series, The Soul Man, completed it’s series finale this past Wednesday. While it was definitely sad to see the show go, it went out on the fun and spirited note we’ve come to expect from the show. Thanks to streaming services, however, the end may be simply the beginning for some viewers.

The Soul Man is a spin-off of the show Hot in Cleveland that revolves around the R&B singer Boyce “The Voice” Ballentine and his family getting used to a more humble life in St. Louis. Boyce and his family are used to living the high life in Las Vegas as Boyce topped the music charts as a soul singer. Boyce has given that all up to answer a more important call: the call to be a reverend. While Boyce is all for becoming a pastor at his father’s church, his wife Lolli and daughter Lyric are having a bit of a hard time adjusting to their simpler lifestyle. His constant screw up of a brother Stamps doesn’t exactly make things easy either.

The Soul Man has such a fun and rich quality from the very first episode that it’s hard not to love this show right away. Cedric The Entertainer and Niecy Nash share an amazing chemistry and with both of them being hilarious, this show was a win from day one. Wesley Johnathan (who plays Boyce’s brother) and John Beasley ( who plays Boyce’s father) round out the show perfectly and deliver just as many laughs as the leads. Great actors such as Missi Pyle, Sherri Shepherd, Yvette Nicole Brown and Cedric Yarbrough made appearances throughout the series that provided many classic comedy moments. TV Land was clearly trying to reach out to the African-American audience when they created this show and they did it by making quality entertainment and not just delivering cheap laughs. It’s rumored that TV land canceled The Soul Man as it’s one of the shows that still holds its less, newer edgier format of TV shows. TV Land used shows such as this and Hot in Cleveland to build their audience now they’re doing an old bait-and-switch by flooding their channel with edgier TV. The results of that switch remain to be seen.
If you want to see a relatively clean comedy with a lot of heart and a lot of laughs, you can purchase all 53 episodes on Amazon. You can stream the last season (season 5) on Hulu or On Demand. Being that each episode is only 20 minutes a piece after commercials are edited out, it’s the perfect show to have a fun and fast binge watching session with this weekend.