When one episode is not enough!

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Even with Halloween being over, the fall season is always a great time to watch something supernatural happen! The Enfield Haunting is a foreign produced 3 part television drama about the world’s most documented poltergeist incident. The show is based off of the best selling book This House is Haunted by Guy Lyon Playfair. According to records, the real and very strange events depicted in the show took place in an ordinary house of a single mother and three children in 1977.

This poltergeist show is very different from American made poltergeist films. It’s very low-key and is not stocked full of jump scares. The scary moments come out of no where and since there are no fillers, they’re scarier than you can imagine. The show is comprised of 3 different episodes that are around 46 minutes each. The show is divided between the personal life of the poltergeist investigator and the actual poltergeist itself. There is a twist ending that’s a bit hard to believe considering the audience is being told the show is a true story.

True or not, the show manages to send a good chill up your spine. You also grow to feel really bad for the characters as they experience terrifying spirits and can’t seem to get away from them. The ending is a bit anti-climactic, but in this case, it really is the journey that counts.

The show currently has a 7.5 IMBD rating and is currently available for streaming if you have a Hulu subscription.