When one episode is not enough!

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This soapy comedy Telenovela starring the beautiful Eva Longoria debuted on December 5, 2015. Sadly, just a few months later it would be canceled. As we all know, however, the best shows are always the first to be canceled so, please don’t let this deter you from watching season 1 of this hilarious farce. Telenovela pokes fun at the subject of its name. If you’ve ever stumbled across the Spanish channel, you’ve seen one of the hilariously dramatic telenovela shows that are often playing on the channel. A telenovela is the American equivalent of a soap opera. Except the telenovelas tend to be even more overacted and extreme in their plotlines than the American soap operas.

Eva Longoria is hilarious as Ana Sofia Calderon, an aging actress whose only chance to get back on top is to star in a Spanish speaking telenovela. The only problem is that Ana doesn’t speak Spanish at all. Even worse, Ana is forced to work with her drop-dead gorgeous ex-husband that she really can’t stand but secretly still loves. Did I mention that her co-star and costume designer is having a hot and heavy affair? Ana’s personal life is a thousand times more dramatic than the telenovela she stars in and her everyday blunders are riotous.

This show has some really hysterical dialogue (even if it was a bit predictable). The best part about it is the fact that the cast is almost completely Hispanic. It’s rare, especially on NBC, to see a show with a mostly ethnic cast. Even though it didn’t constantly remind you it had a Hispanic cast, it worked hard to blend American jokes with Hispanic culture. No one tries to hide their accent or try to be more acceptable to American television. The show was not afraid to be silly and sometimes downright corny, but that’s simply part of its charm.

It’s a mystery why this show was canceled despite solid reviews and pretty impressive ratings. Some might say it’s the ethnic cast that doomed it because there is no clear reason why this show was not only canceled but cut from 13 to 11 episodes. The fact that each episode is only 20 minutes a piece and season 1 is only 11 episodes means you can devour this excellent comedy gem during one hot summer weekend indoors with no problem. You won’t stop laughing until the final scene!