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If you’re a fan of graphic novels, then Spawn The Animated Series is a must see! This is not the 1997 movie adaption, this is a full blown animated series that aired on HBO from 1997 to 1999 over the course of three seasons. Hopefully, the fact that it aired on HBO is a tip-off that this show is in no way for children. There’s foul language, nudity, and graphic violence. So be warned, you’ll want to enjoy this show only with fellow adults.

Spawn is about a government-trained assassin who is gunned down one night by his former employer. He makes a deal with the devil to be brought back to life, but he is revived as a Hellspawn to join Hell’s army. His rage explodes and kills anyone that gets in his way. His soul is torn between being a good vigilante and a violent justice seeker. Spawn is also coping with the circumstances of his tragic death and the fact that he was sent to hell before he could even process what was going on. As if all of this wasn’t bad enough, he must also face the fact that his wife has married and had a child with an old friend.

Spawn’s afterlife is literally straight out of hell!

Surrounding characters include an evil and foul-mouthed clown along with some rather corrupt politicians trying to turn the city into an even worse place. Todd McFarlane’s Spawn is one of the best graphic novel adaptions I’ve ever seen. The animation is typical of the sharp, not as smooth, style we all remember from the 90s. It is a great throwback watch because it reminds you of some of the awesome cartoons that came out during the last decade of the twentieth century. The story is really solid and is brought to life by the great vocal work of talented voice actors such as Keith David and Richard Dysart.

Spawn was one of the first diverse graphic novels, superhero movies, and television series to hit the market. Although Spawn is the leader of hell’s army, he uses his powers for good by taking down the bad guys that attack and harm the innocent. Throughout the series’ 3-year run, Spawn deeply struggles with fighting against evil or embracing it; it’s strangely a very relatable theme.

You can stream all 3 seasons of this action-packed show on Amazon Prime. Each season is made up of 6, 27-minute episodes making for a pretty fast binge watch experience.

– Janiera Eldridge
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