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If you thought actor Michael C. Hall was at his best as the infamous serial killer Dexter, than you need to go on a binge watching session of the critically acclaimed HBO series Six Feet Under. Hall starred as one of the Fisher siblings in a show about a quirky family who own a funeral home.

From the premiere episode, you know immediately that the Fisher family is unlike other families. The series starts with the oldest prodigal son returning home for the holidays. Sadly, he finds out his father has passed away and his family is struggling with how to move forward with the family business. Their family business is a funeral home. How does a family that’s used to dealing with death, deal with the death of their own?

You’d think that a show about a family dealing with the passing of their loved one while running a funeral home would be straight up depressing, but it isn’t. The show in its own quirky way brought dark humor into the world of death in order to show how complex it is. Throughout the series, we see family members like Claire Fisher struggle to find themselves among something like running a funeral home that can be such a drag. Claire wrestles with whether to get into the family business or start her life some where else.

Most of us have lost someone and can relate to the various stages of emotions we go through from the time the person passes away to the time we say our final good-byes. It’s not easy and much like during an episode of Six Feet Under, we will laugh and cry through the process.

From the very first episodes it is clear why this show was nominated and won so many Emmys. It is very typical of the high caliber drama we have come to expect from HBO. Before the twisted families we see today on Game of Thrones, there was the Fisher family (without the incest, thank God).

I wasn’t old enough to watch this show during its original airing, but as soon as I could watch it, I did. After the first episode though, I was binge watching it like crazy. The characters felt so relate-able and so real that when I wasn’t watching, I was wondering what was going to happen next. When the Fisher family hurt, I hurt, no matter how crazy their situation was.

No, in no way did I want to be in the Fisher family. They were the very definition of dysfunctional. I did however, relate to some of their deep-rooted problems they had with their siblings. In a way, it gave me some comfort to know that other families suffer through hard-ships as well.

Make no mistake, this show is not a family series. There is plenty of crude language, graphic sex, and adult content to make any fan of The Sopranos or Game of Thrones feel at home. You might not want to watch it with your parents, but you’re going to want to binge watch it all the same.

You can binge watch all 30, 50-minute episodes currently on Amazon Prime. With the weather turning cool, you’re definitely going to want to curl up on the couch with a blanket, some hot coffee and spend your weekend with the Fisher family in Six Feet Under.

– Janiera Eldridge
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