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The Roots Remake is a Must Watch and Nothing Short of a Masterpiece!

When the miniseries Roots debuted back in 1977, its unflinching look at slavery shocked the nation. After almost 40 years, Roots is once again shocking a nation that’s still feeling the effects of its violent past. The remake of Roots has been criticized for being “just another slave story” or “just another remake” what people don’t realize however is that it contains new information and an entirely new perspective on the original events. There is also a new generation that has never seen the original Roots. While the country is still dealing with unrelenting racism, the roots remake could not have come at a better time.

Roots is the story of African teenager Kunta Kinte who is violently ripped from his home and sold into the American Slave trade. The rest of the show explores the future generations of his family. The 1977 series was both groundbreaking and necessary. Never before has the brutality of slavery been talked about so openly and passionately. Roots original purpose was not to make white people feel guilty about slavery, it was to bring awareness to the horribleness of it all and why racism is ALWAYS unacceptable.

The Roots remake contains newer information surrounding slavery and Kunta Kinte’s family. Within the first 10 minutes, I was flooded with facts that were not even known when the original one was made. This presentation strives to present black excellence during a time period when blacks were made to feel nothing more than an animal. I was so proud to witness what my ancestors went through the survive the atrocities placed upon them. As this retelling proves, slaves never gave up their hope of being free. They never gave up on the culture, their dance, their love of song. Before they were slaves, they were human beings with a rich and exciting culture behind them. No matter who tried to stomp them into the ground or take away their right to be who they were, black people continued to live and strive the best they could. Roots made me proud to come from such resilient people.

I hope that this miniseries is not simply written off as another remake as it is so much more than that. The 2016 Roots is a celebration of life during one of the darkest times in American history. With superb acting, stunning cinematography and better storytelling than ever before, the new Roots is nothing short of a masterpiece. Critics agree that this retelling for a younger audience brings back the story of Roots in a rich and bold new light. I highly encourage anyone who wants a truthful, brutal, yet inspiring look at one of America’s darkest periods to watch this show. Roots can stream On Demand by anyone who currently has the history channel.