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After a long week, I want nothing more than to lounge on my couch with a bottle of wine and a good show. And I have particular fondness for doing this when I can find a drama-filled show based on history (I can’t ever get enough!). So, this weekend binge is Reign – a historical-drama based on the life of Mary, Queen of Scots. The concept was originally created by Laurie McCarthy and Stephanie Sengupta, taking on several writers during the course of the show to create compelling and original content.

Perhaps you’re like me and haven’t quite caught up on Game of Thrones, or better yet, you’re obsessed and need more. Well, it isn’t Game of Thrones, but it’s pretty great! Adventure, death, scandal, love and drama – yes, drama. Reign follows the early life of Mary, opening in the year 1557, detailing Mary’s journey from France back to Scotland. With a spinning circle of politics, schemes, love interests, and selfish power plays, Mary struggles with her insecurities and emotions to take her rightful place.

As the show progresses through the seasons, Mary gets twisted in this world, creating her own scandals and dallying in love affairs. After her first husband dies and she begins searching for a new husband, the English court plots against her, and as tensions rise, Mary struggles to regain control of her country. She fights for herself, for her son, and for her people.

All in all, if you’re needing a weekend binge, I would absolutely recommend Reign. Perhaps a guilty pleasure that is just entertaining enough, but with a solid four seasons of content and 78 episodes, this is sure to get you through a long weekend…and several containers of Chinese takeout.

So, let’s add up the totals:

Time Commitment: 4 seasons, 78 episodes, 3,276 minutes

Why its worth the binge: Drama, political intrigue, lavish costumes and set design, along with plenty of flare for fans of Game of Thrones, The Borgias, The White Queen, Revenge, and The Tudors

– Jonna Feavel
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