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Earlier this year, it was announced that the highly popular series Prison Break would be returning to television this year. With the recent announcement that the show will be returning to TV in September, it’s an excellent time to catch up on one of the hottest shows Fox ever aired! Prison Break stars the very handsome Wentworth Miller as a man who goes to extreme lengths to break his brother out of prison. When Michael Scofield discovers that his brother Lincoln Burrows is falsely imprisoned due to a dangerous political plot, he gets himself arrested just to free his brother. What he doesn’t plan on is just how dangerous the prison’s inmates can be and doesn’t expect to fall in love with the hospital’s doctor either.

The show was on for a total of four years (2005-2009). It’s worth noting that the first season will always be its best. The plot twists constantly keep coming and if that’s not enough to keep you watching, the sexual tension between Michael and the prison doctor is the stuff of legend! The second season has a storyline that strays greatly from the first season, but it is still pulse-pounding and keeps you on the edge of your seat. By the third season, the show seems to struggle with deciding where to go next. While the series was never believable, to begin with, the plot line of season 3 is really hard to swallow. Michael breaks in to and struggles to survive in a South American prison. While Michael is tough, he’s not that tough and the developments that take place in the prison feel stretched. Who knows what season 4 was about because sadly, everyone had stopped watching the show by then.
Prison Break was a widely popular drama because it was not as dark and gritty as a prison show such as OZ, but it did bring some brutality and a whole lot of drama. It will be interesting to see where the reboot takes the cast of Prison Break next! According to Fox, it took some doing to bring the original cast back together but most of the series favorites will be returning for another dose of jailhouse time danger.

With the series set to premiere on in September 2016, you have plenty of weekends to catch up on this addictive prison drama. The series has a total of 81 episodes. Each episode is about 45 minutes each. You can currently stream the entire series exclusively on Netflix.