When one episode is not enough!

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With Hulu’s original series 11.22.63 ending, Hulu has unveiled their newest series: The Path. The Path is a drama that explores the daily lives of the members of a fictional cult group called Meyerist.When one member starts to doubt the path the movement is taking him on, he soon finds himself involved on a more dangerous journey. Breaking away from from the cult may be harder than her ever imagined especially since the Meyerist movement is growing more than ever before. The Path explores the human need to be in relationships, believe in something bigger than themselves and one’s struggles with power..At the heart of the show is the struggle between living the life we live and the one we really want.

The series flawlessly blends different genres together. The Path is a mix between mystery-thrillers, romance and the supernatural. A dangerous love triangle is established from the first episode that is sure to grow more explosive in the episodes soon to come. Hugh Dancy is mesmerizing as a cult leader who’s motives are not extremely clear. One moment he’s caring and compassionate, the next he might be extremely violent. He’s still deeply in love with one of the woman in the cult and when she starts having problems with her husband, you see just how dangerous this new cult leader can be.

The characters have many different sides so, don’t try to determine the villains and the saints too early. There are a lot of revelations that take place in The Path, many you won’t see coming at all. The constant drama and high level acting from stars Hugh Dancy and Aaron Paul make this show extremely addictive. Unlike Netflix shows, Hulu releases each episode of the show on weekly basis (which can be very frustrating when you just want to watch more right away) 3 episodes are currently available to binge watch on Hulu and a new hour long episode will be released every Wednesday.