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Weekend Binge Watch: Orange is The New Black Returns This weekend!

Yasssss! The women of Litchfield are back! Even though they may be better than ever, things around Litchfield are worst than ever. Season 3 ended with the women escaping from Litchfield through a hole in the fence to go frolic in the pond. It was a happy and inspiring end to a relatively light season. The drama was relatively light in season 4 which is why many of the show’s fans ( like me) felt as if season 3 was one of the show’s weakest seasons. However, with such an intense season finale, season 4 is cut out to be anything but weak.

Although we don’t know exactly the fate of the Litchfield women, I’m sure they have some grim fates awaiting them because of their little rebellion. Piper is in trouble as usual and Alex is on borrowed time. While these are characters we could care-a-less about, there’s no telling what’s in store for some of our more beloved characters. The trailer for this year is very dark. Apparently, the prison is suffering from overcrowding due to their turn as a private prison. The trailer also hints at the fact that a major character will die by the end of the season 4 and with the drama at Litchfield constantly unfolding, there is no telling who will go.

Although I have to admit, I’ve fallen more in love with the Australian version Wentworth and love that show a bit more than Orange is The New Black. Wentworth has an intensity that Orange is The New Black still seems to be fighting for. I have hope that OITNB will reach its dramatic peak this year. This weekend is the perfect time to sit back in the AC with a cold drink, snacks and watch a good show with your girlfriends. I took the entire weekend off of work to watch this show and have a good time with some friends. That is how much of a big a deal this show is! If you haven’t seen the first three seasons, you can watch it anytime on Netflix along with season 4 premiering on June 17th.

What character are you most excited about seeing again this summer? I can’t wait to see what Crazy Eyes is up to next or if poor Sophia will make it out of the shoot anytime soon. Whatever the case, I have a feeling this is going to blow us away.

Leave your season 4 predictions in the comments below!