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If I’m being honest, I’ve always found hacker shows to be incredibly boring. Although I’m a bit of a computer geek myself, hackers are on an entirely different brain wave length I could never really connect to. However, after watching the very first episode of Mr. Robot, I was hooked on this show. Yes, I’m late to the party. Although I have a feeling some of you out there haven’t seen this series either. With so many great shows on television right now, it’s very easy to miss a few. If you like smart thrillers with politics thrown in to it, you’re going to want to make time for Mr. Robot.

The show airs on the USA network and is definitely one of the best shows the channel has to offer. It starts out with a young computer programmer named Elliot who works for a cyber-security company by day, but takes down bad guys through the internet by night. He’s very anti-social and has some mental issues to boot. One day after thinking he has taken his vigilante routine a little too far he’s confronted by a complete stranger who also happens to be the leader of an underground hacker group. The leader of this group wants Elliot to help him bring down corporate America, including the company he works for. Elliot must choose between remaining safe and working for a company he knows very well, or taking part in an unprecedented revolution. He respects the company he works for and believes they’re doing the right thing, but he can’t resist the need to take down the companies he feels are running and ruining the world.

If you believe in some of the political conspiracies floating around right now, then you will appreciate this show. Mr. Robot may even open your eyes to some of the injustices going on in America as we speak. Yes, the show is fiction, but it does speak the truth on the economical state of America.

The appearance of Mr. Robot is very dramatic, but never over the top. It’s hard to describe such stark, yet realistic cinematography. It’s best if you experience it for yourself. The lead actor Rami Malek has proven himself an excellent actor before, but this role will keep him on the Hollywood map for a long time. In fact, the show just got nominated yesterday for two Emmys, including Outstanding Drama Series, and for Malek himself, a nomination for his performance. The show is currently leading the Emmys alongside none other than Game of Thrones no less. Mr. Robot is also Christian Slater’s best role in years! He keeps his character unique and eccentric without going over the top. There are a couple of twists and turns per episode, which keep things exciting but not unbelievable. In fact, one of the best things about this show is that it feels like it could really happen.

Several episodes of season 2 have already aired so it’s a great time to binge season 1 so you can catch up quickly. There are only 10 episodes in season 1 that are about 45 minutes each so you can easily watch this show during a weekend inside with the cool AC. Season 1 of Mr. Robot can be streamed On Demand as well as on other streaming services.

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Time Commitment: 1 Season

– Janiera Eldridge

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