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The Man in the High Castle is an Amazon Prime Original that is pretty daring. The plot line is strikingly simple: it’s a world where the Germans and their allies won WWII and now the entire United States is under Nazi, as well as Japanese rule. It’s 1962 and there are those that are going along to get along, and there are others that want to take their country back. An underground tape floating around is giving people hope that there is an alternative to the world they live in and things don’t have to be the way they are forever. The road to newfound freedom however, is a hard one and there will be many obstacles in the way of people fighting to take back their country.

The show has received several Emmy nominations including one for cinematography and their title sequences. I was blown away by the title sequence before I even started the show and I look forward to seeing it again before each episode. The cinematography for me is by far the best part of the show. The sets are very elaborate and creative. Considering the story takes place in a “what if” society, it must have taken a lot of imagination and skill to turn America into a German/Japanese territory. Although you can tell the series a bit heavy on the CGI, the world the computer creates is still surprisingly believable.

The Man in The High Castle is just as well written as something you would see on HBO or Showtime, although it does tend to have a bit of a slow pace. One thing I do appreciate about the show is that it does not have a lot of gratuitous violence and sex, so you can truly appreciate the story without cheap distractions. It features a well-rounded cast of characters and doesn’t rely on a sole character to carry the show. This is a good thing considering some of the actors’ performances are much better than others’. While the plot line can seem like a downer sometimes, the show does a great job in proving that the human need for hope never dies.

The Amazon Prime original series is geared toward people who enjoy a more noir-like form of storytelling. Although the topic of the show is intense, the style of storytelling is surprisingly laid back. This is not a bad thing, as The Man in The High Castle is more concerned with presenting a solid story then shocking you with heads being chopped off or weird orgies. I watched the first several episodes with my parents so you could almost say it is family-friendly although it does include some intense war violence, so I wouldn’t let children watch it. Amazon Prime has already started filming season 2 so if you breeze through season 1, don’t worry; you’ll be able to get back to the revolution very soon.

Season 1 is comprised of 10 episodes that are 1-hour each!

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Time Commitment: 1 Season

– Janiera Eldridge

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