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When Key and Peele announced their 5th season was their last, I was both deeply saddened and slightly relieved. Even though this show was losing it’s comedy gold around the fourth season, it still felt like the end of a legendary comedy era. Key and Peele were both actors from the sketch comedy show Mad TV; years after the show was canceled, it was announced that the two comedians would be getting their own program. Although it was clear that these two actors were extremely talented, it was unclear if they had what it took to carry an entire show. Apparently, Comedy Central knew more than we did because Key and Peele have enough comedy genius to make their show one of the best comedy sketch series of all time!

Like their Mad TV days, their sketches are comprised of different and recurring characters. Peele’s annoying girlfriend character Megan, is unforgettable from the moment you hear her shrill voice. Peele’s performance as president Obama and Key’s performance as his angry translator Luther will have you on the floor rolling! The president even invited Key to the White House to perform the routine along with him as he delivered his speech. If you need further proof that this pair is off the charts hilarious than you just need to watch this show for yourself. Some of my favorite sketches include one where a reporter claims a Pegasus has flown into the area just to see how people react on camera. Another top-notch sketch is watching an aerobics instructor filming an upbeat workout video trying to hold it together while he gets increasingly bad news about the death of his family. While many might consider this type of comedy in extremely bad taste, for those of us who enjoy dark humor, it’s actually pretty funny.

Key and Peele also weren’t afraid to touch upon racially charged and political humor. Many of their skits don’t just leave you laughing, they give you plenty to think about. The 4th season however, missed a lot of the spark that they had created in earlier years, sadly; although their genius seemed to return in their final season to wrap things up heart-warmingly and hilariously once and for all. The last scene of season 5 referenced a skit in the pilot episode that you have to see in order to get the joke. Key and Peele keep their sense of shock-and-awe alive and well until the very last episode.

This show is great for keeping you laughing throughout an entire weekend. The entire series is comprised of 53-episodes that are around 20 minutes each and can be streamed for free with a subscription on Hulu.

– Janiera Eldridge
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