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If you’re not much of a reader, but like to delve in to some history lessons every now and then, John Adams is definitely the thing to binge watch. HBO’s series John Adams is adapted from the bestselling David McCullough’s biography. The show focuses on the time in John Adam’s life when he traveled abroad rather than just his time as president of the new United States of America. The miniseries also explores his struggle as vice president which is a topic that’s not talked about often. The show can be caught displaying some romanticism, but it does at least talk about many of the terrible things that went on during the 18000s. The show depicts Adams as a careless slave owner who only questions owning slaves when his wife brings up how horrible the practice is. Adams is not depicted as a flawless man although by the end of the series you will be asking if he really is as much of a hero as they make him out to be.

His wife of 54 years, Abigail Adams, is portrayed as the highly intelligent equal that she was. To see their love grow, struggle and be challenged is one of the highlights of the entire series. Thomas Jefferson’s friendship with John Adams is also depicted as a very pivotal relationship in Adam’s life. It’s definitely a bro-mance that’s worth charting.

Although the series is not as gritty as it could be, it does have the typical high quality production value that we’ve come to expect from an HBO series. There are only 7 episodes in the entire series and their an hour each. It’s the perfect series to watch during a weekend at home. John Adams is just as entertaining as it is informational so, don’t worry about napping during this binge session! John Adams can be streamed on Amazon Prime.