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Imagine being happily married for decades and in one moment all of that is ripped away from you. Your husband comes home and says he’s in love with his male law firm partner and is leaving you to marry him! Even worse, the man who is stealing your husband also has a wife and she is your arch enemy. That’s the quirky and hilarious plot line for Netflix’s original series Grace and Frankie. Grace and Frankie’s life is turned completely upside down by those devastating events, but their bad fortune will cause them to forge something they never expected: a friendship. The women are no longer trying to one-up each other. Now, Grace and Frankie actually rely on each other to get through their tough times.

Netflix is a genius at ensuring that they produce original programming that fits all of their customer’s demographics. Grace and Frankie is the perfect show for people 50 and over. When I sat down to watch the show with my mom, even though I thought it was hilarious, it was my mother who related to it the most. The show’s greatest achievement is that it doesn’t harp on cheap aging jokes that make fun of older people. The show is about genuinely experiencing life even during times of extreme heartache and challenge.

The cast of Grace and Frankie is unbelievably talented making it no surprise that the show is so charming and fun to watch. There’s no big shocking plot twists or overdramatic acting. The show has a very everyday feel to it that allows you to connect with the characters as if they were your very own best friends. This series cast includes Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin, Sam Waterston, Martin Sheen Ernie Hudson and Joe Morton.

Grace and Frankie is perfect for a binge watching session as you can sit back with a cool drink, some popcorn and enjoy a good laugh. Each episode is about 30 minutes and there are two full seasons currently streaming on Netflix. It was recently announced that the series was renewed for a third season airing the summer of 2017. This series can be streamed exclusively on Netflix.