When one episode is not enough!

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After a series of failed shows, Will Arnett is back to try and make us laugh yet again. If you’re looking for a classic “ha-ha laugh” then Flaked is not the show for you. However, if your looking for a drama about people trying to make it through day-to-day life, then give this show your binging time. The show starts out on a more somber note with Flaked’s main character Chip explaining to a room of people how his drink driving leads to the death of a man. It becomes clear that Chip is a recovering alcoholic who currently attends AA meetings and helps others with their problems. Why exactly does Chip attend these meetings though? Does he attend these meetings to get therapeutic help or does he do it to simply feel better about himself?

Chip comes across as a counselor who genuinely cares about people…at first. He spends almost an entire day trying to help a troubled youth in his neighborhood. However, many of Chip’s actions throughout the show lead you to believe that he very often only pretends to look out for people so he can feel good about himself. This becomes apparent in the first episode where Chip stealthily goes after his best friend’s crush. He knows he shouldn’t be doing it, but it’s like he can’t help himself. The big reveal at the end of the episode tells you everything you need to know about Chip. He’s pretty rotten to the core.

Flaked’s breezy dramedy is very easy to watch during a comfortable weekend at home. There are only 8 episodes that are 30 minutes a piece.