When one episode is not enough!

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Considered by many horror fans to be a modern TV cult classic, the horror anthology show Fear Itself only lasted one season. Created by famous director Mick Garris, Fear Itself was a 13 episode series with each episode made by prime horror writers and directors. The episodes were directed by big names such as Brad Anderson, Ernest R. Dickerson and John Landis.

It debut and ended during the summer of 2008 with many feeling it was too scary and too good to be contained on the NBC network. Sadly, no other channel swooped in to save this spine chilling series, but don’t let that scare you off. Episode 8 entitled Skin and Bones is often talked about in the horror community as one of the scariest episodes to grace TV. It’s about a rancher that returns home to his family after being lost in the woods for days. The only problem now, is that he is possessed by a Wendigo.

This episode is the scariest of the entire season, but other episodes such as New Year’s Day, Eater and Spooked are just as thrilling. The episode In Sickness and in Health has a shock ending that no one would see coming. The episode is not scary or gory, but it does have a creepy factor that pays off at the very end.

This show is perfect for the Halloween season as every episode has a horror aspect in it and its impossible to stop watching these episodes once you’ve started. Each episode can be streamed on Youtube and usually averages to be about 45 minutes a piece without commercials. Don’t forget to watch this show with the lights off to get the full effect!