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Did you fall asleep daily in your history class during high school? Many of us did. History wasn’t the problem there, however, because if you take an honest look at history, it’s anything but boring! History can be shocking, sexy, surprising and almost always violent. There hasn’t been a dull moment in history since humans stepped foot on this earth. If you never liked reading history books, then let me recommend to you the hilarious show Drunk History. Beginning in 2013, Drunk History allows storytellers to get super drunk and tell strangely accurate stories of important moments in history.

The show features A-list actors in their re-enactment sketches giving a very high quality feel to the show. Although some of the sketches have serious topics, they are always approached in a fun and humorous way. One of the show’s best sketches included Octavia Spencer as the bad *** Harriet Tubman who helped slaves escape from slavery. Although the storyteller is stinking drunk while telling Tubman’s story in the sketch entitled “The North Star,” she still manages to get in all of the important details of the story while making it inspiring as well as hilarious!

The list of talented actors that have appeared on this show includes Topher Grace, Josh Harnett, Sam Rockwell, Christopher Meloni, Ryan Phillippe and much more! This show is very crass and often features bad language and rude humor. What else would you expect from a show called Drunk History? Some of the storytellers are so drunk that they have to lay on the floor and finish telling the story because they couldn’t sit up anymore. Another storyteller couldn’t stop burping throughout her entire tale. If your teacher got drunk in high school before every history lesson, you would have been way more apt to pay attention.

I’ve learned much more from this show than I did in high school because this show makes you want to pay attention. It’s not a good teaching tool for the kiddos though because there are plenty of F-bombs and inappropriate language to keep things spicy. Also, some of the topics can be pretty racy.

This is a great show to binge watch on a summer weekend because it’s funny, quick and will keep you entertained from beginning to end. Want to make this show even more fun? Have a couple of drinks yourself while watching it! History has truly never been more enjoyable. Seasons 1-3 can be binge watched on Hulu.com.