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DreamWorks Holiday Classics is a wonderful holiday collection that’s perfect for the family to gather around the tree to watch. The series includes 5 short holiday stories that are exciting enough (and short enough) for the children to enjoy. The first special features four adventurous tales with the animals of Madagascar! The second episode features the animals of Madagascar trying to save Christmas after Santa crash lands on an island.

Episodes 3 through 5 contain heart warming tales with DreamWorks Dragon, Shrek and the Madagascar Penguins. Donkey from Shrek hosts a hysterical Christmas carol show that is bound to have you laughing. If your looking for something to keep the kids entertained and happy on a cold winder night, be sure to pop this mini-series on.

This show can be streamed on Netflix instant streaming. A hot cup of coco, a warm blanket and plenty of smiles are a great accessory to these joyful films.