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We live in almost a completely digital world. We do everything from banking to shopping online which leaves us completely vulnerable to all sorts of hackers and scams. If you think you know of all the cybercrimes happening out there, think again! Cybercrimes With Ben Hammersley is an excellent reality show that takes you deep inside the the dark underbelly of the cyber world. The show features cybercrimes such as dark things going on in the Darknet, piracy, scams, heists, cyber wars and surveillance.

If you were ever curious about the dark side of the technological world, then this show is one to watch. The show is very dark and sometimes feels a bit exploitative, however, there is so much for you to learn you will be hard pressed to turn it off. This show is great at highlighting scams and hacks that you can avoid with some inside knowledge.

If you’re like me and constantly on your phone, computer or tablet, you might not give a second thought to letting technology in to your day to day life. You might also not realize the danger your putting yourself in everyday.

This show may make you a bit paranoid, but it’s a must watch considering the high tech world we live in today. The first season of this is available for streaming on Netflix. There is only six 25 minute long episodes so, this is a perfect binge watch if you want something quick and interesting.