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This Netflix original show Cuckoo’s history is just as strange and quirky as the show itself! Cuckoo first premiered on British television in 2012 with Adam Samberg acting as the main character. However, when Samberg’s career took off and he got his own show, he pretty much ditched Cuckoo completely. The show seemed dead and no one really thought any more about it. Fast forward three years later and the show has been picked up as a Netflix original. Although Netflix is no stranger to rescuing shows from cancellation limbo, this is the first time a show came back with a completely different main cast member!

Taylor Lautner is now starring in the main role of Cuckoo. Yup, the Taylor Lautner from Twilight! If you’re having a hard time seeing him in a comedic role, you’re not the only one. It’s hard to tell how many people are watching this show and what everyone thinks because Netflix doesn’t release rating numbers, but Lautner is charming in his own way. Is Lautner a better sitcom lead than Samberg? You’ll have to watch and decide for yourself.
Now that you know the drama behind the show, you’re probably wondering what the actual show is about. Cuckoo is a British made comedy about a woman who arrives home from vacation with a new husband. Her new love, however, is an American hippie that’s the total opposite of her uptight British family. Oh, and her husband’s name is actually Cuckoo! When the family first meets Cuckoo, hilarity ensues as this is not who they ever saw their little girl getting married too!

While the reviews on Netflix are very mixed, those that enjoy quirky British humor should definitely give this show a shot. The episodes are about 30 minutes each and there are only 6-7 episodes per season with a total of 3 episodes currently streaming. Do you think Taylor Lautner has a career beyond Twilight?