When one episode is not enough!

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Cooked is yet another brilliant original series created by Netflix. If you’ve finally run out of shocking episodes of Making a Murderer to watch, maybe you’re looking for another documentary to get hooked on. Cooked will leave you with an entirely new view of how you see the world of cooking. At first, the show makes you feel guilty about using the microwave a little too much but, as it goes on, you’ll learn just how important traditional cooking has always been to the human species way of life. Who knows, by the end of the documentary series, you might even find yourself cooking more.

Cooked is just four episodes long, with each one focusing on how the elements of the earth effect our cooking type. Air, Earth, Water, and Fire are titles of each episode that explores what cooking has to do with these elements. There’s nothing wrong with the way Americans cook (although we could certainly do better) but, it is so refreshing to see how people from all over the world cook. Although some cooking ways seem old-fashioned or even barbaric, it’s fascinating to watch people return to a more primal way of cooking.

It would be nice if the documentary had less narration and just let the viewer focus on the images and people in front of them. Cooked, however, is beautifully shot with brilliant colors and sweeping cinematography. It’s so well filmed that the dazzling images can take away from what’s being explained to you. If that’s the series biggest problem, then you have no problems at all. This Netflix original is not just for foodies because very little of the show teaches you how to cook. Cooked is about how the world is continually brought together by one of the things that sets humans apart from anything else on earth: our ability to cook.

All episodes are around 50 minutes long. It’s perfect to watch with the entire family!