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Cleverman is an American-Australian-New Zealand produced show on Sundance TV that has gathered a bit of buzz on the Internet since it hit Netflix recently. The show is getting mixed reviews content wise, but is becoming more well known for the difficult topics that it covers.

The Cleverman takes place in the future where beings known as Hairypeople have a lot of strength, speed and longevity. These creatures live among the humans who refuse to treat them as equals, exploiting and abusing them. The humans are more interested in killing them, rather than protecting them. Soon, unexplained murders begin happening that will turn populations completely against each other. There’s only one man that can bring everyone peace and his name is the Cleverman. The Cleverman is known to see the future while protecting the special Hairypeople. When the current Cleverman dies, a young man begins to change in to the new Cleverman. He tries hard to deny his new path, but the job title is now his, whether he likes it or not. His brother is very jealous of the fact that he was not chosen as the Cleverman, but he may need to put that aside in order to help the Hairypeople be treated fairly. Once civil protest is met with violence, the gloves are off and the fight for the Hairypeople is on!

This show is steeped deep in aboriginal mythology, which makes it all the more interesting. The Cleverman is a common and well-respected mythological figure that aboriginals talk about a lot in their day-to-day life. I found it a brilliant move to bring their mythology to life and make the show more interesting. This show presents the realities of racism in a thought-provoking and original manner.

This show doesn’t shy away from sex and violence, but it’s done in a very non-exploitative way that makes the show feel natural.

This show is perfect for binge watching over the weekend. There are only 6, 45-minute episodes that are very fast-paced. The first episode may seem a little slow, but stick with it, you’ll be glad you did! I do have to warn those that the series can be very emotional. If you’re sensitive to scenes of torture and brutality, this show may be a bit over the top for you, however, all of the violence serves a purpose. If you can get past it in order to see the genuine and thought provoking story that the Cleverman presents, definitely give this show a shot!

You can stream all of season 1 of this Sundance TV show on Netflix.

– Janiera Eldridge
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