When one episode is not enough!

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Being Mary Jane is an excellent show to watch during the weekend because it is so full of drama and jaw-dropping moments that it will make your weekends exciting even from the couch! The title character Mary Jane is a complicated women who has worked very hard to be a successful anchor women.. The only problem is that Mary Jane’s personal life is a complete mess.

Each season of Being Mary Jane follows her dramatic and heart breaking search to finding true love. Is it impossible for Mary Jane to find a good man or is she the one sabotaging her own relationships? If you think her love life is bad, wait to you meet her family. While Mary Jane helps to financially support her family (and that’s pressure enough), she also has to deal with her drug addict brother and overbearing mother. Did I mention her baby singer that has two children, no husband and no job after never finishing high school?

For the modern day women, it is easy to find Being Mary Jane highly relatable. Although you may not find anyone with nearly as much drama as Mary Jane, you’ll find some part of your life in hers.

The first two exhilarating seasons can be streamed on Netflix. The third season recently ended on BET and should be on Netflix in a couple of months.