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Bates Motel will be heading into their fourth season on March 7th so now is the time to catch up on this viciously thrilling prequel. Bates Motel has spent 3 seasons going deep inside the early days of Psycho star Norman Bates and exploring the explosive relationship he has with his mother. Bates Motel is every horror fans dream! Ever wonder what led Norman Bates to be the crazy sexually confused murderer that he was? You could never guess correctly if you haven’t seen the crazy events that transpire in the first three seasons. There are rumors that in the fourth season, Norman has become a full psycho and when you see the end of the third season, you’ll find out why.

The biggest difference between the movie and the show is that Norman has a very complicated relationship with his older brother (a character that didn’t exist in the original story). The older brother Dylan that constantly gets between Norman and the mother he loves too much, Norma, makes for intense family drama. We also see Norman get involved in his first messy relationship with a girl who has cystic fibrosis, their love is also complicated by Norman’s strange relationship with his mother and brother.

If you’re afraid to watch the show because you think it’s all about slicing and dicing victims, don’t be. Norman’s murderous acts are only a small part of the show’s complex makeup. The dark and seedy atmosphere of the small town the Bates family lives in plays a lot into the engaging dynamic of the show. At its core, Bates Motel is just a really twisted family drama with some dead bodies thrown in.

The show has been on for 3 seasons that contain 10 episodes each. Every episode has about a 43-minute runtime. The first 2 seasons are currently streaming on Netflix with the 3rd season available for streaming very soon. Bates Motel is perfect for a dark binge watching weekend at home.