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If you’re a 90s baby such as myself then one of your favorite shows growing up was most likely Animaniacs. Animaniacs was an animated show that featured 3 crazy characters named Yakko, Wakko and Dot. These high string siblings create havoc and chaos wherever they go! Their crazy and off-the-wall antics is why countless kids tuned in to this high spirited show everyday. What made Animaniacs so special is the fact the show is for children, but can easily be watched by adults.The humor of the show is blended with wit, pop satire, political satire and slapstick content. If your child doesn’t understand all of the jokes being thrown their way, you’ll certainly get a good laugh out of them.

The series originally aired from 1993 to 1998. The show’s biggest claim to fame was the fact that it was executively produced by Steven Spielberg. This does not go unnoticed once you witness the original and hysterical content this show has to offer. Animaniacs also inspired multiple spin-offs that turned out to be huge hits of their own. Series such as Pinky and The Brain, Freakazoid, and Histeria! all started as a result of the Animaniacs. Every episode contains a fun blend of comedic, educational and musical skits.

I have so many fun memories of rushing home from school to sit in front of the TV and watch this show with a mid-day snack. Animaniacs is a warm childhood memory and now it is available for streaming on for you and your children to enjoy.