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This summer’s soap opera mystery American Gothic is a fun “who-done-it” to help end the summer of 2016. Not to be confused with the 90s series American Gothic, this show is more about evil people than evil entities. American Gothic starts with a highly wealthy family from Boston prepping to help one of their family members become mayor. While they’re working extremely hard to bury some of heir most intimate secrets and look good for the cameras, the drama simply won’t rest and seems determined to bubble up to the surface. This all-American family comes across as picture perfect, but their secrets are darker than anyone could guess.

After the patriarch of the family has a heart attack, a box is found in the shed containing mementos from the “Silver Bell” killer. Could it be that this prestigious father and husband is an infamous and uncaught serial killer? From the first few episodes it seems like you already have this “who-done-it” all figured out, but as more plot twists are revealed, you’ll see that nothing is as it seems.

While the visuals and cinematography are pretty average, the mystery actually unfolds quite well. American Gothic has just aired its 7th episode and has 2 more episodes left to air which is pretty impressive considering how much of a story they pack in to each episode. The cast is slightly diversified and that makes for some very interesting characterization. If CBS had put just a little more time into the cinematography and style of the show, I think American Gothic could have been a real television phenomenon. It plays it entirely too safe in its presentation approach and that’s a real shame.

I think it’s also good that American Gothic premiered during the summer and not during the fall. It’s slow pacing would not have kept up with the more explosive storylines that you would come to expect from the fall season. American Gothic however, is perfect for the more laid back vibe (and lack of competition) that summer TV brings. “The white rich family” storyline is growing increasingly played out this year so hopefully this is the last of its kind for several years to come. If you like messy, rich families with hidden secrets, this is a must watch show that keeps the twists coming constantly.

You can watch each 45-minute episode after they air on Amazon Prime. Episodes 1-7 are now available for your binge watching needs.

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Time Commitment: 7 Episodes

– Janiera Eldridge
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