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Amazon Prime is at it again! They’re trying to kick up their original programming game by testing out new pilots on their audience. It’s part of the Amazon Pilot Season program which is actually a great idea because audiences can watch pilots and then vote on the ones they like the most. The pilot with the most votes will go on to be their next original show. Amazon Prime is struggling to gain recognition for their original programs so aiming content directly at what people want, might just help put them on the map. Instead of testing pilot dramas, this round featured three thirty-minute comedies for Amazon Prime viewers to watch and rate. Some were funnier than others and one was not funny at all. Here is a break down of each show so that you can get a feel for which pilot is best for you:

The Tick: The first show I watched was a strange superhero show called The Tick. The Tick is an unusual comedy about a young man who clearly suffers from mental health issues. He lives in a world where superheroes are real and he comes to believe that a super villain secretly runs his city. One night he runs across an unusual blue superhero named The Tick who changes his life even further! Although I found this show pretty hilarious, it also felt pretty childish. It’s certainly not for kids as their is foul language and some pretty hard-core violence. For those that like CW type superhero shows, I highly recommend this pilot. If you’re more partial to the superhero shows on Netflix, The Tick might seem like it’s more for an older teen audience, but check it out just in case, as you may like the witty take it gives on the superhero genre.

Jean-Claude Van Johnson: I think this show had the strongest potential to be a regular series. It’s a satirical show that catches up with action star Jean-Claude Van Damme. He’s aged a bit and he’s not the most marketable action star out there anymore. What people don’t know however, is that his real name is Jean-Claude Van Johnson and he was a black-ops soldier when he wasn’t acting. Now, he’s ready to get back in the field to fight bad guys both on and off the set. However, things don’t go as smoothly as planned and he just might be all washed up. The humor is dry and it doesn’t mind poking fun at every angle of the action star’s life. I enjoyed this show a lot and I think it could be a hit for Amazon Prime.

I Love Dick: Not only is the title crude, but the show just isn’t funny. This comedy/drama is based on a book about a couple that moves to a small community to save their marriage. There, they meet an interesting man named Dick who could save their marriage or complicate it further. I was bored with this show after 10 minutes and the ratings for it are lower than the other shows mentioned. It tries to be sharp and edgy, but it comes across as irritating and boring. Watch it and find out for yourself!

When you’re done watching these 3 Amazon Prime Pilot Season shows, be sure to go to to vote for the one you want to see a full season of!

– Janiera Eldridge
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