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Although Lilyhammer was Netflix’s first venture into original programming, strangely, it’s a show that many Netflix viewers don’t know about. Lillyhammer is a dramady about a New York mobster who goes into hiding in Lillehammer, Norway after he snitches against his former associates. Sopranos star Steven Van Zandt plays Frank Tagliano, a serious mobster who finds himself in a completely new environment. The show is a mix of dry and macabre humor. The writing is strong and holds up to other Netflix original programming, but sadly, it didn’t make it past the a 3rd season. The show originated and was filmed in Norway which at first, kept filming cost down.

Netflix hadn’t completely got the complications of original programming down to a science when they began Lilyhammer and that’s part of the reason why it fell. Complicated ownership, web rights and escalating costs caused the show to be canceled. Had the show premiered on Netflix a few years later, it surely would have made it past season 3.

The show won several awards at the end of its run. Lillyhammer took home the Golden Nymph awards for best European series and best actor, Van Zandt.

This show is ideal for people who enjoy shows like The Sopranos or Boardwalk Empire because it’s actually a satire on the genre. Since it’s a Netflix original program, you can only stream it with a Netflix subscription. The show has 24 episodes that are 45 minutes each. It may take two weekends to get through this show, but there’s no doubt you’ll be more than happy you took the time to do so.


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