When one episode is not enough!

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The creepy yet highly entertaining show Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction aired from 1997 to 2002 on the formerly named Sci-Fi channel. Considered a classic anthology show by many, this show was and still is different from other anthology shows on television. In each episode, the viewer was presented with 5 stories within 60 minutes. Most of these stories completely defied logic or explanation. It’s then up to the viewer to decide which of the stories were fact and which were fiction. At the end of the episode, viewers were told which of the stories were true and which were not. The show offered a fun and unique experience for viewers to interact with the show in a guessing game like fashion.

The first season was hosted by James Brolin, but Jonathan Frakes took over as host for the remainder of the show. His deep voice and quick one liners made him a great host for this creepy anthology. The stories are told in a campy, docudrama fashion with at least one of the characters in the story narrating the tale. With 5 stories being presented in each episode, each tale only lasts about 8 minutes. That’s plenty of time, however, to be told a mysterious story that will make you question what’s true and what’s not.

The episodes now may seem a little dated, but they’re still fun to watch and question whether they’re fact or fiction. If you don’t like shows that aren’t wrapped up in a neat, little bow, then I don’t recommend watching this. However, if you want a little mystery in your life, be sure to give this a chance. The best viewing experience can be had by watching the series on DVD. There are many episodes of the show and clips from it that are available online for a fun weekend binge watching experience.