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In case you missed the ridiculous awesomeness that was Unsealed: Alien Files, it was a pseudoscience, conspiracy theory and science fiction series that premiered in 2011 about the release of allegedly classified government documents on all things extraterrestrial. Whether you choose to believe in the exaggerated pieces of evidence or infamously misinformed accounts, the wonder inducing visuals, testimonies, claims and theories are reason enough to enjoy this fun, yet murky series.

The show is based largely off the release of classified government documents stemming from the Freedom of Information Act, as well as an anonymously published compilation of such, in addition to “leaked” documents, known as The Blue Planet Project. I would be lying if I said that I would completely discredit every single theory and/or report that Unsealed: Alien Files investigates, but considering a great deal of information is coming from reports known to be fabricated and fed to ufologists by the mysterious Mirage Men, I would still watch and take the series with a grain of salt.

Although Unsealed: Alien Files is widely fiction, it does feature some solid reporting of information from reliable sources such as Buzz Aldrin, one of the first two humans purported to have landed on the moon (available for debate by conspiracy theorist of course); historically relevant encounters such as The Rendlesham Forest Incident; and of course, The Roswell UFO Incident. Whether it’s a supposed battle of multiple extraterrestrial species against human soldiers in the underground Dulce Base; or it’s analyzing the possibility of the legendary WWII Nazi time travel machine known as Die Glocke, there’s indeed, much to learn.

Spoiler Alert(ish): common negative reviews include how repetitive the subject matter of the series is. Analytical by nature (of the subject/genre), the series does seek to examine a select amount of cases from several points of view and/or in effort to prove, or disprove separate theories. Although it received low ratings for this factor, I am confident in saying I know many of us sci-fi nerds and Ufology enthusiasts will appreciate the series in general.

Whether you’re a disbeliever, believer, Ufology follower, noob or someone who believes solely for the fun of it, this awesome alien series is sure to be your next introductory, yet deeply probing (pun intended), science fiction/guilty pleasure binge-out show. You can currently catch Unsealed: Alien Files as it is currently streaming on Netflix with three totally binge-worthy seasons.

Available on Netflix
Time Commitment: 3 Seasons
Episode count: 62

– Rachael Rumancek
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