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There is plenty of original content floating around streaming services such as Hulu, Netflix and Amazon Prime these days but, it seems like everything is geared more towards adults. Well if you’re looking for good wholesome family entertainment than the Amazon original series Tumble Leaf will be one of your new favorite shows. Tumble Leaf is a series made for preschoolers, but it’s smart, bright and full of valuable lessons.
Tumble Leaf recently won Best Animated Television Production of Preschool Children at the Annie Awards for the second year in a row!

Tumble Leaf takes place on a whimsical island full of colorful animals, trees and water. If you have an HD TV, the beautiful pictures on this show are some of the best ever seen on a family TV show. The show follows a small blue fox named Fig. Each day Fig walks through the forest and goes on epic adventures. Along his many journeys, Fig develops friendships and learns about the beautiful world around him. The best part about this show is that Children will learn things through a strong narrative experience. The show doesn’t include pointless singing and dancing. All of the story lines carry meaning about how to deal with the world around us and children will learn these lessons in a fun, high-spirited manner.

The colorful cast and claymation make it impossible for even an adult to look away from this creative and energized show. This show is definitely aimed at preschool children but, you will find that even your older children will want to watch it with their siblings.

Season 1 & 2 are available on Amazon Prime. Each show is only 23 minutes long to ensure your child won’t get bored with it too quickly. Happy learning!