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The Killing aired it’s first 3 seasons on the network AMC; it was only when they were canceled that Netflix took control of the series and aired the final fourth season as a Netflix original. Fans of the show were extremely thankful considering the third season wrapped up its criminal case, but did not wrap up the lives of it’s main characters. The Killing is a slow burning crime show, unlike the many others on television, making it a smart choice for Netflix to pick up this series to bring it to its most shocking conclusion.

If you’re surprised that you’ve never heard about this show, don’t be. The Killing is a noir-like cop drama that clearly prized itself on not being just another action packed “crime-of-the-week” show. In fact, the crime that is introduced in the pilot episode is not wrapped up for another season. The Killing puts so much time and focus into taking you step by step through the murder investigation that you almost hope it will never end. The third season is an entirely new case of its own, presenting a new murder with its own string of complications. The final season took themes and situations from years past to make one explosive conclusion.

One of The Killing’s best features is that all of their characters feel like real people.
There are no Miami Vice, cookie-cutter characters in this show. Even our “heroes” (the main detectives investigating the case) have major flaws and are not always that good at their jobs. In fact, they seem like they’re messing things up most of the time rather than fixing them. You’re able to hate and love the characters while managing to relate to them.

If you like dark and rather moody crime shows, then put this one at the very top of your list! Since it takes place in Seattle, the mood is extremely dreary and dark. The scenery of the show is an entire character itself as it seems to seep into everyone’s actions and hangs over every situation in a threatening manner. How can anything good happen if everything is always so dark and gray? If you’re looking for any moments of sunshine or comical relief, you won’t get any. The most you can hope for are some of the slightly heart warming scenes between the two lead detectives as their friendship and possible relationship slowly develops. However, just as you begin to feel comfortable and safe again with where the show is going, a subtle yet shocking plot twist is thrown in to completely throw you for a loop.

This critically acclaimed series has a total of 44, 45 minute episodes that you can stream exclusively on Netflix.

– Janiera Eldridge
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