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If you’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about the new Netflix original The Get Down, then you’ve most likely heard about the $120 million production cost. I’m not so sure the show’s quality equals such a huge budget, but there is definitely a reason why this show is slowly and surely gaining attention among those that use the streaming service Netflix.

The Get Down takes place in 1970s New York City. The Big Apple is on fire, the buildings are crumbling, everyone’s poor and the violence is rampant. A group of wild teens from the South Bronx appear to the masses to be just another group of black and Hispanic teenagers who will flunk out of high school and become gang bangers. What the city doesn’t know however, is that even though New York appears to be dying, these teenagers will give birth to new forms of music like hip-hop and punk.

One of the creators of The Get Down includes the opulent director Baz Luhrmann(The Great Gatsby, Moulin Rouge!). You can tell he also directed the very first episode as some of the scenes are a bit too outlandish and end up feeling overwhelming. By the second episode of the season, the rough edges of the show smooth out and the true nature of the story emerges. The characters in The Get Down feel extremely real and less stereotypical than other shows containing characters that live in the inner city. I was really glad to see that the main characters weren’t portrayed as poor, down and out black kids that just resorted to violence because they feel trapped in their city. The Get Down shows that there were indeed intelligent and talented kids out there who were aching to break free, but they just needed the chance to do so.

I really like the fact that the characters in the show don’t randomly break out into song. All of the music accompanies the story in a way that glorifies the drama instead of halting it. Although some of the musical numbers do feel very large, they still keep the story going at a very rapid speed. The Get Down looks like it was filmed in the middle of the 70s as you can tell no expense was spared when bringing the hot summer nights of the era alive. I was not sure if this show was for me in the beginning as I’m extremely picky about my musicals. I loved Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby and his Romeo & Juliet movie was one of my favorite films growing up, so I decided to give this Netflix original a chance.

Since I binge watched, loved, and lost Netflix’s Stranger Things a month ago, I was jonesing to find another Netflix original to get attached to. Netflix has been cranking out some extremely awesome original content lately. These types of high quality television shows are surely making cable television shake in heir boots as more and more consumers cut their cable and replace it with Netflix. I’m so glad my latest binge watching addiction was The Get Down and after you watch the first episode, it will be your’s too.

Season 1 of The Get Down is made up of only 6 episodes. Each episode varies in its time length with some being as long as 90 minutes. It’s currently available exclusively on Netflix so sit back, relax, and crank up the volume when watching The Get Down!

– Janiera Eldridge
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