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The Family is yet another excellent show that got the ax this year after just one season. It’s one of my favorite shows of 2016 so far so, I was devastated to hear the show was canceled due to poor ratings. I truly hope this article will encourage you to check out the show and join the fight in getting The Family a second season! The family starts with the missing boy from a politician’s family returning to them after a decade. Everyone thought that Adam Warren was dead until he escaped from the man holding him hostage. At first, the family is overjoyed to see the boy return home. However, it doesn’t take long for things to go south as shocking secrets emerge about the political family that further change their lives forever. As Claire Adams runs for governor of her state, she uses her son’s return for her benefit. But, can she hold it all together as her family slowly starts falling apart? How far will Claire go to win this election and will she end up sacrificing everything she believes in just to win?

This show did not get nearly enough publicity or it would have had a much wider audience. With an IMBD rating of 7.6, it’s clear that almost all of the people who watched the show loved it. The characters are very complex and well written so, you’re always wondering what they’re going to do next. There are shocking plot twists spread throughout each episode, but each episode ends in an exciting cliffhanger that makes you beg for another episode. During every episode, I thought I knew what was going on and during every episode I was wrong.

The pacing of the series is excellent as they pack so much story into a 40-43 minute episode and they leave no loose ends. The cliffhanger season finale leaves room for so many more questions to be answered, but they will only be answered if there is a season 2. If you watch the show and enjoy it, please sign the petition calling for the show to be renewed by ABC or Netflix:

You can stream the entire first season on Hulu. There are 12 episodes that are around 40 minutes each. If you’re a fan of psychological thrillers that keep you guessing until the very end, this is the show for you.