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The Affair is a show that has strong praise among critics, but struggles in the rating department. It’s hard to understand why, considering it’s such a smart and complex show. There are no car crashes, jump scares or wild costumes. There’s just people and the painful situations their dealing with.

The title pretty much explains the entire story. A man spends the summer at his in-laws estate on Hampton island. He suddenly finds himself twisted up in an intense affair with a waitress at a diner. The waitress is trying desperately to escape a tragedy in her own marriage that can’t be solved by simply having an affair, but she tries anyway. The show has a similar narrative to True Detectives as the story is told in part through interviews with both people having the affair.

The Affair does a great job of putting you in the mindset of the people having the actual affair. At first things feel fun and exciting like any other affair. However, as the affair starts to effect their lives and the lives of their love ones you start to see there is nothing good about this situation at all. The show has a very real feel which is what makes it hit even closer to home. The series appears to glamorize affairs at first, but what it really does is show it for the complex situation it really is. Much of the media just shows an affair as bad or as seductive. However, it is much more complicated than that and The Affair knows that.

This show is available to binge watch On Demand if you have Showtime as part of your cable package. If not, you can now get a Showtime subscription through Hulu and binge watch season 1 through there. Season 2 episodes are also online.


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