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The Netflix original series Stranger Things just debuted this past Friday and it is already setting the Internet ablaze. Although, when I talk to my co-workers, many of them have yet to see this amazing 8-part series. Well, let me make this public service announcement now: THIS SHOW IS AMAZING! WATCH IT NOW! I have not been this excited about a series on Netflix since the debut of Orange is the New Black. Even Stephen King took to social media to tell everyone how great this show is. That’s saying something considering King has said before how much he loathes watching TV.

Stranger Things stars Winona Ryder as a single mother trying to find her missing son. As the boy’s brother, friends and even the town’s sheriff join in on the search, they have to go through terrifying experiences to bring the boy back home. Let me tell you now, this disappearance story is anything but ordinary. This show brilliantly brings together everything good about 80s cinema. There’s a real Steven Spielberg feel to it without Stranger Things coming across as a direct rip-off. If you’re a pop-culture geek like me, you’ll be able to spot dozens of references to 80s pop culture including greats like John Carpenter and Stephen King.

Stranger Things relies very heavily on child actors, but this series features some of the best child actors I’ve ever seen. The kids create amazingly memorable characters and deliver every single line with power. Millie Bobby Brown who plays Eleven is sure to find roles for years to come due to her fierce portrayal as a girl with super powers.

Winona Ryder gives the performance of her life as a mother who will do absolutely anything to get her child back. She won’t take no for an answer and she’s not afraid to go to terrifying lengths to find her son. At times she makes you laugh, cry, and feel proud of her unrelenting character. There’s nothing one dimensional about her and Joyce Byers will surely go down in history as one of the best television moms of all time.

The production value is beyond spectacular. There is nothing cheap or lacking about the special effects. I was actually blown away by how dazzling the imagery was. The creatures and the different dimensions that the show creates look like any multi-million dollar movie production. The dialogue is rich and features some classic lines that are often said by the cast’s youngest members.

Stranger Things has a nearly perfect rating on Netflix and it is obvious why: it’s one of the few shows that is nearly perfect. I can usually find something wrong with just about anything, but you really have to search to find something wrong with this show. With the first season being only 8 parts that are 45-50 minutes each, you’ll be able to devour this show in a few days. It’s amazingly addictive. It’s too bad this show didn’t premiere in time for the Emmy nominations, but I’m sure it will get recognized next year. This is a show no sci-fi lover should miss!

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– Janiera Eldridge

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