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If you’re a fan of the gushy and gory American Horror Story then you’ll be captivated by WGN’s original series Salem. Salem puts a very different and engaging spin on the real-life events of the Salem witch trials that took place in 17th century Massachusetts. The Salem witch trials were one of the darkest times in history which is why we’re still talking about it today. However, this show wants us to ask: exactly sparked these terrible witch hunts.

The show starts with the beautiful and hypnotic Mary Sibley, the wife of a very sick but extremely wealthy town selectman. Sibley is secretly the most powerful witch in Salem Massachusetts and she plans to use those powers to take over the entire town. Although Mary can be ruthless, her secrets make her extremely vulnerable. That’s why Mary leans on her accomplice Tituba to help her carry out her plans for domination. The first season focuses on the plot of Mary’s long-ago love returning from war only to find the town in the middle of a bloody witch hunt. With soldier John Alden back in town, Mary’s plans are derailed. John finds himself in the middle of a town encased in horror, hysteria and the supernatural.

Mary and John find themselves no longer lovers but adversaries in the middle of a supernatural fight. While John wants to end the horrible events surrounding the massive witch hysteria, Mary uses it to her advantage to further her quest to rule over the crumbling town.

In season 2, just as Mary sees her plans start to flourish, a new adversary emerges that might steal her throne from under her. How far is she willing to go to keep her place as the head witch?

This show is an evenly blended mix between horror and a more sophisticated soap opera. There’s plenty of sex, scares and plot twists to keep even the most intense horror fan coming back for more. Fans of the growing horror trend currently sweeping television will devour every one-hour episode of this series.

Season 1 and 2 can be purchased per episode on Amazon Video. Season 1 is available for streaming on Netflix and Hulu.