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If you love the adult cartoons that blasts its way on to TV through [adult swim], then you’ll love Rick and Morty. This show is over the top and sometimes borderline offensive so, if you don’t have a open mind towards humor this may not be the show for you. Rick and Morty explores the relationship between a psycho doctor and a not-so-smart grandson as they travel across the universe and through time to see some truly bizarre places.

Some of the episodes are very controversial, take for example the one that explores a hero who’s a cross between Abraham Lincoln and Adolf Hitler. The show also pokes fun at pop culture icons like M. Night Shaymalan. There’s plenty of satire and risky humor for anyone looking for unconventional (and very adult ) cartoon animations.

While it doesn’t contain the best animation on TV the characters and universes are certainly eye-popping with creatures I’m sure you’ve never seen before. Although this may look like a Saturday morning cartoon, I would not advise anyone to sit down and watch this with their kids. While some episodes are relatively clean, others are pretty shocking.

The first season of this universe hopping show is available for streaming with a Hulu subscription.