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My Strange Addiction is clearly one of the strangest shows on television. This TV drama delves deep inside the world of unusual addictions. If you thought drugs and alcohol are the only only things people can become addicted to, think again! From Coffee enemas to being addicted to inflatable toys, this show exposes obsessions and addictions that are outside the norm.

The addictions on this show include people in love with balloons, drinking blood, eating deodorant and eating hair. There’s absolutely no obsession off limits with this show. Some of the addictions are hard to believe and it makes you wonder if the show isn’t staged. So far, there is no proof that it isn’t real. It’s contents may be shocking, but it will certainly keep you entertained.

Each episode is only 22 minutes long so it’s easy to watch these episodes in one binge worthy sitting. Season 4 and 5 are currently streaming on Netflix. This is one show you will never forget once you see it.